Eyebrow Tattoo

Judiciously performed eyebrow tattoos are very pleasing (ling). However, if an over-aggressive or mal-positioned or poorly shaped brow tattoo can be distracting and attract attention of the undesireable kind.

Depending upon the color and density of the particles, carefully performed picosecond tattoo laser remove of these brow tattoos gives excellent results. We have found that with the picosecond laser, unlike the more traditional tattoo lasers, we are now able to give patients an excellent improvement with four or five treatments (instead of seven to ten treatments). Once removed. Further and more aesthetically placed tattoo may be obtained a month after the last treatment.

Eyelid Tattoo

We not infrequently see eyelid margin tattoos which “leak” to the surrounding skin giving an undesireable result. This can sometimes happen if the patient gets a hematoma after the tattoo placement. Pigment then settles in a fan-shaped manner and is always asymmetric between the two eyelids.

Because the picosecond laser allows controlled treatment with very small spot sizes, treatment of these leaked areas may be performed safely with appropriate eye protection. We often mix the laser treatment with micro-needling with a chemical to allow egress of the carbon particles, especially if treatment is needed along the eyelid margin. Excellent improvement is obtained with four or five treatment with preservation of the eyelashes.

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